Bitcoin MLM 3X2 Matrix Script


Bitcoin MLM 3X2 Matrix Script

Live demo:

How admin earn?
For this example , take 3×2 martix as count and 5000 as plan price.
for this plan, user need to pay 5000 as joining amount.
from this 5000 , 1000 will go to level#1, 3000 to level#2, 200 as referral bonus (admin can set this dynamically).
so, 5000-1000-3000-200 = 800 (this is the profit of the admin/site owner).

user will get
3×1000 = 3000 (from his level#1)
3x3x3000 = 27000 (from his level#2)
so, by investing 5000 user can have 3000+27000=30,000 within very short time.

User Features:
—Responsive Interface.
—Interactive Dashboard.
—Easy Login & Registration System.
—Easy Deposit System.
—Support Paypal.
—Support Perfect Money.
—Support BitCoin.
—Support Credit Cards.
—Referer Bonus.
—Easy TREE view.
—Flexible Withdraw TO Company / Online Processor.
—Details Transection History.
—Details Accounts Ledger.
—User Profile System.
—Dynamic Support Ticketing SYSTEM.
—Password Reset Option.
—Notification System Via Email & SMS.
—SEO Friendly URL.
—Sub Account Creation.
—Transparent View of Everything.

Admin Features:
—A to Z Dynamic.
—Detailed Dashboard.
—Withdraw Pending Request.
—Withdraw View Log.
—Add Balance to User.
—Remove Balance From User.
—Details Balance Log.
—Add / Edit / Delete SITE Menu.
—Add / Edit / Delete SITE Slider Images.
—Logo Setting.
—Support Ticket Management.
—Details History.
—Full User Control.
—Transfer TAX Control.
—Withdraw TAX Control.
—Payment Method Control.
—ALL Ledger Control.
—ALL Deposit will go to admins Account.
—Transparent View of Everything.

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